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Upcoming Important Events

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The following summer events are coming up fast. If you are intending on coming to any these events please take the time to review and make necessary arrangements.

Summer Encampment and NCOA
Dates: 13-20 July 2014
If you plan on attending you can register and get all appropriate forms at the following link.

Glider Orientation Flights
Dates: 5/31-6/1 and 7/5-7/6
To sign up please go our event sign up page at this link.
1) Enter your CAP ID.
2) Select the Glider flight event you wish to attend. In comments MAKE SURE you specify in the comments whether you will come on Saturday, Sunday, or both days for weekend you are registering for.
3) Enter all requested information.
IMPORTANT - It is a requirement that all cadets participating in our Glider Orientation Program study the WIng Runner course and take the short open-book exam at the end. This link will take you directly to the course.

Annual Safety Day - April 24th 2014

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Every year it is required that an entire meeting be dedicated to safety. On April 24, 2014, Cadets and Senior members will participate in this years Safety Day and focus on improving safety knowledge and attitudes. The meeting will focus on safety subjects applicable to our squadron. Please plan on attending as this is very important meeting for our squadron.

Cadets Participate in Wreaths Across America, Honor Our Veterans' Memories

On December 15, 2012, Cadets and Senior Members of the Manchester Cadet Squadron were lucky enough to meet New Hampshire Senator, Kelly Ayotte. During Wreaths Across America, Cadets lent a hand and delivered wreaths to gravestones of honored veterans. Red bows were tied around the wreaths and placed center on the gravestones to show our respect. Majority of the gravestones had the spouse of the veteran’s name written on the back of the stone so that the support given by the spouse would not have been forgotten. Later in the day, once all the wreaths were laid out over 14 acres of burial sites, cadets and senior members entered the main building for drinks and snacks. Cadets gathered around Senator Ayotte and listened to her very moving speech. After, a couple of photos were taken with her and cadets, and the ceremony began. Col. Bill Moran, Civil Air Patrol Wing Commander for New Hampshire, made a speech and welcomed one soldier of each branch to place a designed wreath according to the branch of service. The designated soldier would place the wreaths on headstones, salute to show respect, do an about face and march back to their spot where they stood at attention and patiently waited until the ceremony ended. Representatives of the senators read their speeches when invited to by Col. Moran. The ceremony, overall, was very moving and brought tears to many people’s eyes. Civil Air Patrol Cadets and Senior Members were extremely honored to have the opportunity to participate in this event and hope to do more ceremonies like this in the future.

Wintry Mix Expected Overnight

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The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for several counties in New Hampshire, including Hillsborough and Rockingham through 0700L Thursday.

The current forecast brings the wintry mix of snow, rain, and ice into our area overnight tonight.

Though schools may be delayed or closed in the morning, there will be ample time for road crews to treat road surfaces before we begin our weekly meeting at 1830L.  This means that, as of this moment, we will continue to have our weekly meeting with no expectation to close or cancel.

There is a possibility, however, that the base staff at the Armed Forces Reserve Center may cancel their support of our activity, in which case a last-minute cancellation may be required.

Please stay close to your email and to the squadron website ( for timely updates.

Fishing for a "Find"

Newburyport, MA -- Cadets Brendan and Conor McKeogh, led by Majors Paul Kelly and Peter Blais, were credited with a "find" on Sunday. The initial activation was reported as an ELT (emergency location transmitter) by commercial aircraft flying northeast of the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport.  With the assistance of CAP aircrew, the search area was found to be in the area of Plum Island, Newburyport, Massachusetts, some 50 miles away from the original report.

The Manchester ground team coordinated with the air crew, further narrowing the search, eventually combing the Newburyport Yacht Club vessel-by-vessel.  The crew spent hours with an ELP-R radio direction finding unit to pinpoint the location of the beacon.  Reflection of the radio signal off the water and surrounding boats made the search more difficult.  

In the end, with the assistance of Bob Lynch, Captain of the "Chum Lord" and former Commodore of the Newburyport Yacht Club, the team located and silenced the beacon.  Captain Lynch offered his assistance, armed with a handheld scanner set to the beacon's frequency, by trolling the waterway, further pinpointing the search to a handful of vessels at the end of a pier.  Congratulations to the team on the find, and special thanks to Captain Lynch for his assistance!

Photo (left to right): C/SMSgt. Conor McKeogh, C/A1C Brendan McKeogh, Maj. Peter Blais

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